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Kia Stinger E Drive Mode Dial


RIDICULOUSLY FAST SHIPPING! We ship the same day you order. Often within the hour!

Convert your drive mode dial to an E drive mode dial! The E drive mode dial decal isn’t just a cheap graphic surrounded by a transparent layer of film. It’s an actual transfer – so there won’t be any clear bubbles surrounding the graphic. It looks perfectly OEM once added onto your Stinger drive mode dial. (“GT” version available in white or red found HERE).

It’s small – but easy to install: Prepare the surface (clean it), peel the backing away, then stick the decal to the surface. Rub the decal with pressure to ensure its sticking well to the surface – and slowly remove the top layer which leaves the decal in place – nothing else. So it’s ONLY the graphic that sticks to the surface…

The first batch is extremely limited and it’ll be at least three weeks before the next batch arrives. Like it? Then get yours today…

Click here for a video demonstrating how to transfer a vinyl decal.