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KIA Badge Emblem Black Nightfall Overlays


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Want to delete the chrome on your Kia, but don’t want the hassle of spraying colored coatings or paying someone to do it for you? If so, these vinyl overlays are just for you! Made from high quality, calendared vinyl, you can give your vehicle a custom look in a matter of minutes. Additionally, these overlays are very durable with a rating of up to 5 years! Scroll down to see an installation video.

Note: These decals are designed to fit the 2022+ Kia Stinger, K5 or Telluride. They come with overlays designed for the hood and rear emblems and/or steering wheel center piece. These decals are not designed to cover the bevel of the logo. They simply lay on top and do not wrap around the edges.

  • Front and Rear set comes with two (2) vinyl decals, one for the front and one for the rear
  • Steering wheel overlay comes with a single vinyl decal
  • Excellent UV, temperature and humidity performance
  • Outstanding durability and color fastness
  • Available in glossy black or matte black
  • Up to five (5) years of durability

Are they safe in car washes? Yes. These vinyl decals are made of the same material used on the exterior of car windows. Properly installed, there's no reason for them to come loose in a car wash. Like any exterior decal, it would make sense to allow the vinyl to cure and fully bond to the surface before washing the vehicle. 

Common sense says to avoid directly power washing over them - but the stream and towels from an automatic car wash don't affect exterior window decals - which are the same as these.