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LED Daytime Running Fog Lights for Kia Stinger GT aka CK71Stinger DRLs

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Original price $469.00
Current price $419.95

Finally OEM quality DRLs made by Stinger owners for Stinger owners! These are bright!

• Amber switchback
• 252 LEDs in each pair, top of the line and designed by DiodeDynamics
• Custom designed UV resistant lenses
• 6 month break & replace / 1-year complete replacement warranty.
• 50000 hour led lifespan, that’s 6 years never turning your car off
 These sets are currently backordered but are being built every day. Ordering now places you in line for the next set available – which should be 2-4 weeks away due to the pandemic causing a material slow-down. Orders are filled in the order they are received…

Simply put, they are bright and they keep working or or you send them back!

Each set of lights also ships with a $50 rebate coupon if you decide to take advantage of the CK71 core exchange!

The Kia Stinger GT seems to have everything! But what happened to the LED fog lights? Back on March 18th of 2018, I Photoshopped the mockup to this design. Less than four months later, here they are – ready to be purchased and installed. You HAVE to love the aftermarket community!

So! Now’s your chance to fill in those missing blanks in the front of your Kia Stinger GT! These LED fog lights will enhance the aggressive front-end of your car. They’re bright white and blink amber with your turn signals. They’re easy to install and come together with new front bumper air vent surroundings.

Each set comes with a LEFT and RIGHT side along with the required wiring harness’. You don’t need to buy two. This is a high quality product made in America and not cheaply slapped together in China.

Please note! These LED fog lights only fit the Kia Stinger GT.

Again, those install instructions are found HERE!

So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for the fastest shipping on Earth, add a set of these LED fog lights to your cart right now! Full details on warranty and core exchange are below…

* Our “No Questions Asked” Warranty

They work, they keep working or you send them back! Replacement piece will be sent out without waiting on the item to be received and inspected!

You accidentally run over a dead body and one of the lights breaks, send it back! You really stink at golf and slice a practice shot into your car breaking a light, send it back! Quit golf but send it back!

The “NO questions asked Warranty” covers replacement for the first six months after purchase; if the Kia Stinger vent is in good reusable condition.

Note: The build process, lenses, DRL replacements, and shipping back to the customer are free. If the Kia Stinger vent itself is damaged it is the responsibility of the customer to send a new vent for the build process.

Warranty on the LED light
The LED light strip is covered by a 12-month complete replacement warranty. If the light fails after the first 12-months, there is a 3-year replacement at cost, plus 10% for shipping for all owners if a problem arises with the LED light.

The CK71 DRLs are Stinger specific, built with the utmost attention to quality and detail to achieve a factory look, built with care by Stinger Owners for Stinger Owners!

The CK71 DRLs were built with an Ultra clear lens that is specific to the Stinger and designed to have the same light diffuser pattern as the rear brake lights.

The CK71 DRLs were built with an ultraclear lens designed after the Kia Stinger’s rear break difuser pattern.

252 LEDs per pair, designed and manufactured by DiodeDynamics. Top of the line led strips with 50000 hour life span, that’s 6 years continuous operation!

This is not your regular LED light retrofit. The CK71 DRLs are 100% Waterproof.

Each set of CK71 DRLs come with a 6 month NO questions asked limited warranty *

They work, and they keep working or you send them back!