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"Big T" Badge Emblems for the 2020-2021 Telluride


RIDICULOUSLY FAST SHIPPING! We ship the same day you order. Often within the hour!

  • Back in stock for a very limited time!
  • Front & rear are high quality, heavy duty full replacement emblems
  • Center caps and steering wheel are overlays (choose Vinyl or Metal)
  • All pieces come pre-installed with automotive-grade 3M double sided tape for easy installation
  • Fits ALL Tellurides regardless of package (2022 has new emblems and the front may be difficult to replace with this set)

Upgrade your SUVs status with the Massive Metal Mammoth Tank “T” badges for the Kia Telluride are now available in limited quantities! EXCLUSIVITY is the word with these incredibly heavy-duty, high quality emblems…

NEW - Brand new METAL overlays are now available for the steering wheel center piece and wheel center caps. Of all the listed pictures, the last NINE are the METAL steering wheel and wheel center cap pieces. All pictures of the steering wheel and wheel center caps BEFORE that are the VINYL pieces. 

These well-made, perfectly-sized, heavy duty replacement front and rear emblems use an OEM “Telluride T” design. So it’s not like you’re taking credit away from Kia by changing badges. You’re still giving Kia credit where credit is due. Besides, some people see the standard KIA badge and just turn away – never even giving the SUV a chance.

The “Telluride T” design, on the other hand, makes people curious. And by the time they find out it’s a Kia, they’ve already fallen in love – and there’s nothing they can do about it. Same day priority shipping make our BIG T badges a no brainer for anyone who wants what they buy right away. The wheel center caps and steering wheel pieces are overlays with a matching BIG T design…