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“Big T” Wheel Center Cap Overlay Set for the Telluride


RIDICULOUSLY FAST SHIPPING! We ship the same day you order. Often within the hour!

YES! This is a complete set of FOUR center cap overlays! You do NOT need to add FOUR to your shopping cart! The first five pictures are of the vinyl version. The last three pictures are of the metal version.

Upgrade your Telluride's status with four of these OEM style “BIG T” wheel center cap overlays. Same day shipping make our overlays a no brainer for anyone who wants what they buy right away.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a LIMITED edition design OVERLAY! What you’re getting is FOUR round center pieces (see the picture with six round pieces as an example of what they look like). After the current batch is sold, they won’t be available again until later in the year. They fit all KIA Telluride wheel center pieces…

How difficult are these to install? Not difficult at all! The vinyl version uses high-tech specialty vinyl which allows you to position them, lift them back up if you need to, and reposition them over and over until you apply firm pressure for final installation. When you want to remove them, simply heat them up with a hair dryer for a clean removal – or use bug and tar remover to clean whatever adhesive may be left behind. These products will effectively cover up your KIA emblems.

Our 3D Overlays are made from polyurethane resin and high quality vinyl. They’re resistant to water, salt, solvents, mineral oils and greases, ultraviolet (UV) light, and temperatures up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius).

The metal version is not your typical sticker or decal. They’re ULTRA high quality made of thin but sturdy material. They don’t bend – and they don’t need to. They fit right over the KIA wheel center caps and are pre-installed with automotive grade 3M double sided tape.

Other upgrades available with the BIG T design:
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