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Glossy Black or Carbon Fiber Style Genesis Wing Badges and Emblems (All Generations)


RIDICULOUSLY FAST SHIPPING! We ship the same day you order. Often within the hour!

Upgrade your Genesis vehicle's status with one of these "winged" Genesis emblems. Each piece is hydroprinted and then sprayed with a high quality UV resistant automotive clear coat.

[In the options, a PLUS sign (+) means all years afterward. In other words, 2022+ means 2022, 2023, 2024, and so on...]

Please note that the GLOSSY BLACK winged emblems are FULL glossy. The lighting wasn't the best when the pictures of those pieces were taken. There is NO MATTE black on the emblem. The entire emblem, other than the medallion in the center, is a full glossy shiny black.

If you order the front emblem, you will receive the exact front emblem for the Genesis model you select. If you order the rear emblem, you will receive the exact rear emblem for the Genesis model you select. 

The new GENERATION 2 style winged emblems have a flat back and can fit on ANY flat surface - on any Genesis vehicle. They measure about 9.8 inches long, which is slightly longer than the wing emblems for the G70, G80, GV70, and GV80, and again - can work on all Genesis vehicles.