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Who are we?

KDM Warehouse is a small, family-owned entity that caters to our friends, acquaintances, and those who are told about us in the online sphere. The reason we can ship orders so quickly is because we’re NOT focusing on numerous amounts of orders on a daily basis. We're not looking to become the next big internet conglomerate.

There are no executives, no boardrooms, and no investors. We’re a “mom and pop shop” and have the ability to focus directly on you and your specific parts needs at any given time. We’re not wealthy, we don’t drive exotic cars, and we don’t live in oceanfront mansions. We’re automobile owners and enthusiasts just like you - which is why we take such good care of those who give us the opportunity to serve them.

The idea of KDM Warehouse was born after many years of seeing people get treated unfairly by online resellers. We don't wait to ship your order whenever we get around to it, and we don't price gouge. We thought we could do a much better job at fair pricing with great customer service - and here we are.

Sal C at KDM Warehouse