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How to Remove and Replace Badges and Emblems

Don’t worry! It’s not difficult at all. But first...

The first rule when installing emblems or overlays is this - INSTALL ON A CLEAN SURFACE! You need to clean the surface you're installing on with alcohol. Clean the area THOROUGHLY.

The second rule when installing emblems or overlays is... NEVER just place an emblem or overlay on and then walk away two seconds later. Each piece must be held on with a REASONABLE amount of pressure for 60 full seconds. Yes, an ENTIRE minute of your life must be wasted for each piece installed.

DO NOT just press on an emblem or overlay for two seconds and walk away... These aren't stamps you're placing on an envelope or a "star" on your child's good work at school. You cannot just plop it on your vehicle and walk away.

Our emblems and overlays ALL come pre-installed with automotive grade 3M double sided tape - the EXACT same tape holding on your stock emblems. Properly installed, they will NEVER fall off. Not during a hurricane, tornado, or nor'easter. From the intense heat in South Africa to the frigid cold in Alaska, our customers are happy with their emblems - when installed properly. You don't see stock emblems falling off in hot or cold weather. Neither do ours...

Now... If you’d like to remove the standard OEM badges and replace them with designer emblems, you basically need to use fishing line or dental floss to separate the 3M double sided tape from between the vehicle paint and badge itself. From there, the badge(s) should be ready to fall off. Any remaining double sided tape can be removed with WD40, bug and tar remover or products like Goo Gone.

Need help? Try the emblem removal and installation preparation kit! CLICK HERE.

To install new badges or overlays, make sure the surface where you’re applying the new badge has been thoroughly cleaned with alcohol. Dealerships, car washes, etc - often use lubricant-based cleaners that'll prevent emblems from sticking. There's no reason for any of the pieces we sell not to stick well. They all use the same automotive grade 3M double sided tape that the OEM emblems use - and they never fall off.

Next, peel the paper away from the double sided tape on the new badge – and place it where it’s supposed to go. Once applied, apply pressure for 60 seconds (for metal skin overlays other than the wheel caps, keep pressure mostly at the edges). At that point it'll stay installed until if/when you decide to remove it. There’s no reason for an automobile emblem to ever loosen if installed properly. 

When applying a metal steering wheel emblem overlay, you'll probably want to disconnect the fuse for the horn. Otherwise your horn will be blaring for 60 full seconds while you're holding the overlay in place. Just don't forget to reconnect it afterwards. If your overlay came with a packet of adhesion promoter, use it - it can only help... But again - you need to hold the overlay in place for 60 full seconds with a reasonable amount of pressure - mostly at the edges/sides...

Here are a few helpful links (some with how to videos) for the Kia Stinger:

If your metal skin overlay comes with a 3M double-sided tape gasket (oval shaped, usually red) or if your wheel center cap overlays come with gaskets (round shaped, usually red), you'll want to apply that/those gaskets before placing the metal skin piece onto your vehicle. Peel one side of the gasket exposing the 3M tape and stick it on over the KIA logo of the emblem you're covering. Next, peel the other side of the gasket (the side now facing you) to expose the sticky 3M double sided tape surface. Next, place the metal skin overlay onto the gasket.

As always, clean the surface where you're applying the gasket thoroughly to remove any wax or lubricant-based cleaner residue - as nothing will stick for long unless you do. Then, peel one side of the gasket and place it over the KIA logo. Then peel the other side of the gasket exposing the sticky 3M tape - and then peel/apply the metal skin overlay onto the surface of the sticky gasket. 

For the Kia Telluride, here’s a link with a little information on how to safely remove that front grille emblem:

If you have ANY questions at all about the process, please ask right there in each discussion. Somebody will be there quickly to assist you…

Here are a couple of videos from one of our customers installing emblems on their 2021 Kia Seltos: (note, you need to remove the four screws on the rear tail light assemble to completely remove the piece. Once that is done, it’s easy as the KIA emblem unscrews and just pops out.