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Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering from Australia? Please click here first...

Q. Is "gunmetal" in your listings the same as "black chrome"?
A. Yes. It's dark chrome.

Q. What's the difference between OVERLAYS and REPLACEMENT emblems?
A. Overlays "overlay" the emblems on your vehicle. They just stick on right on top/over the badge already on your vehicle. You don't need to uninstall an emblem before installing an overlay. A REPLACEMENT emblem "replaces" an emblem. You need to REMOVE the emblem you're "replacing". ALL emblems, whether they're overlays or replacement pieces - stick on the same way as the manufacturer's emblems do - using automotive grade 3M double-sided tape. Most people on social media call ALL emblems "overlays". This is wrong. Read the description of the emblems you're purchasing. Do not assume an emblem is an overlay just because somebody on Facebook called it an overlay.

Q. How long have you been in business for?
A.  We started selling Genesis "wing" badges way back in 2009. We didn't start an official "store" until early in 2017 when the Kia Stinger came to be. Our "Stinger store" is still online at Kia Stinger dot com - but KDM Warehouse will be replacing it soon.

Q. Do you have products made for my specific vehicle?
A. Yes! Of course. If the product you're interested in comes in several different sizes, just be sure to select your specific vehicle (and year) from the drop-down menu.

Q. Why buy from you and not somewhere else?
A. Buying from our store helps pay the ongoing costs to run our friendly, informative, live communities for owners and enthusiasts of the Kia Stinger, Kia Telluride, Genesis Motors vehicles and Hyundai Palisade. Click here for details…

Q. How do I remove and replace badges?
A. Click here for links to how-to’s…

Q. Do you ship to Australia?
A. Yes, we ship everywhere EXCEPT most places in the Middle East, where we've seen too many packages get lost after arriving there - and the United Kingdom for the time being. "Brexit" is going to cause long delays with the new customs procedures going into play. We'll begin shipping again to the United Kingdom again later this year.

Q. How much is shipping to my address?
A. You can get the exact cost of shipping by adding items to your shopping cart and then visiting the checkout page. Enter your address to get the exact price for shipping to your door.

Q. How long does shipping take domestically in America?
A. USPS First Class takes approximately 5-7 days. USPS Priority Mail takes approximately 3-5 days. USPS Priority Express takes 1-2 days. 

Q. How long does overseas shipping take?
A. USPS First Class takes approximately 7-10 days. USPS Priority Mail takes approximately 5-7 days.

Q. Do you really ship orders in as little as 20 minutes?
A. Yes, during normal business hours I ship products immediately. Outside of normal business hours orders are shipped within a few hours.

Q. Are there import or customs fees in my country?
A. I don’t know what triggers an import or customs fee in your country. That’s something you should be aware of considering you live there. If there IS any sort of fee or tax, that’s paid to your government – not me – and I have no control over it. 

Q. What is your return policy?
A. Please click here for the return policy. If you didn’t install the product, I see no reason why you cannot return it for a full refund.