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Genesis Floating Wheel Center Cap Set


RIDICULOUSLY FAST SHIPPING! We ship the same day you order. Often within the hour!

  • Fits 19 inch and 20 inch wheels
  • Genuine Genesis product
  • Four piece set, one center cap for each wheel
  • Outer diameter: 59mm each / Inner diameter 52mm each

These genuine Genesis floating wheel center caps mimic the new Rolls Royce vehicles where the Rolls Royce logo stays level while the wheels are moving. It's really unique and will make people take a second look and record video of your vehicle. Great if you like drawing attention and drive a vehicle that tends to do that.

In most cases, if not all, the regular Genesis wheel center cap just pops out. I noticed in the video that the written instructions show somebody drilling out the center piece - but the video will show you how to remove the center cap in a few seconds without doing anything like that. Watch the full video and check your own center caps before ordering.

Rolls Royce: