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Mando ECS10 Suspension Control


"I just installed the Mando controller on my G70. I just ran the default Sport and Comfort mode and I'm amazed at how good it is. The sport setting feels much "sportier" then the stock setting, yet also seems more comfortable. I can't understand why the car wasn't programmed this way from the factory." (review from our Stinger forum)

Plug ‘n play device for the Kia Stinger, Genesis G70 and Genesis G80 with an Electronically Controlled Suspension. Stock damping force is set at only 60% of what the suspension can use. This module allows you to use 100% – even on “uneven” roads. It automatically detects the damping pressure. Damping force can be adjusted according to your taste.

When set for comfort, the ride will be more comfortable than without the module. When sport mode is set, the ride will be firmer than possible without the module. When set to 100% firm, it becomes very firm.

Brand new and unused. Includes one ECS variable module, one ECS connection wiring and power wiring. Made in South Korea by Mando. Mando is the exact same company that manufactures the Stinger’s suspension – including the stock ECS module.

Please refer to the installation guide in the Android or Apple stores. Search for: ECS10 (or see videos below)