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Denso High Performance Spark Plugs (Pack of 6) for 3.3TT V6


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Everyone knows the 3.3L Turbo Stinger spark plugs are misfire prone and require replacement or regapping for higher than stock power levels. BMS suggests the Denso 5346 (or 5347 "2-step" colder plugs for highly modified vehicles) high performance spark plugs for all factory and tuned 3.3L applications gapped to 0.022″.

  • 0.4 mm iridium center electrode: world’s smallest diameter that maximizes firing potential
  • U-groove and taper cut ground electrode: provides faster spark flame growth and lessens heat quenching
  • DENSO patented 360 degree laser welding process: ensuring exceptional quality bond and structural strength with the iridium center electrode
  • It is recommended to gap these plugs to .022