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Premium Emblem Removal and Installation Preparation Kit


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Make your life easier with this Stinger emblem removal and installation kit.

  • Car emblem removal kit installation prep
  • Includes everything needed
  • Safely remove and/or install car emblems
  • Convenient Kit to ensure the job is done correctly

*NEW* LODEN Premium Emblem Removal/Installation/Preparation Kit includes:

This unique "Installation" Kit ensures the surface of your vehicle is prepped properly for maximum adhesion for new emblem / badges. Also, the special Polishing Cloth is made specifically to care for the surface of your new emblems, never causing fine lines or scratches left by standard terry or microfiber towels.

Each kit contains two large 4" emblem removal tools/wedges using anti-scratch ABS material, one 5ml container of adhesive remover, one plastic razor blade, one plush Loden microfiber cleaning towel (approximately 6"x6"), one package of primer adhesion promoter/alcohol, and one ultrafine Loden emblem polishing cloth (approximately 4"x4").