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The Relentless Pursuit of 100% Customer Satisfaction

I’m impatient. I’m the most impatient person in the world. You may believe that title belongs to you – but I wear the crown. I prefer walking into a brick and mortar store because I can’t stand buying things online and waiting for somebody to get around to shipping what I ordered.

I understand you probably feel the same way. When you order from this store, your package is shipped immediately. Most people receive a tracking number within twenty minutes of placing their order. And the package is taken to the shipping carrier within the hour.

Sounds crazy. Right? Well, too bad. I’m relentless about getting people their items as fast as I can. Once I have your money, I want your product in your hands as quickly as possible. Call me crazy – but surely you can appreciate my relentless pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction…

I’ve been doing this for quiet some time now – and have really come to enjoy it. I really do ship orders out immediately – but I rarely ever get anyone asking me something like, “Am I seeing this correctly? Did you really ship my order already?”… A couple of people have asked over the years. But I’m a little surprised it doesn’t happen more often.

Perhaps it’s because we’re in the times of “instant gratification” – and people think nothing of receiving a “Your order has shipped!” message five minutes after placing it – along with a tracking number. Or perhaps people just aren’t receiving the email. I’m leaning toward people not receiving the email – because I have many people write in and ask for their tracking number – or “has my package shipped yet?”…

That being said, I hope the shipping carriers follow through as quickly as I do - and you have everything you ordered as quickly as you and I intend you to have it…

The Team at
KDM Warehouse