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LED Ambient Air Vents Kit RGB Multiple Colors for Kia Stinger

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These Mercedes-Benz style color-changing LED air vents are the perfect upgrade to your 2018-2023 Kia Stinger's interior ambiance. Each vent comes with LED lights that you can change as you desire via bluetooth/free smartphone app. The app can be downloaded by scanning a QR code that comes with your purchase. The manufacture provides a one-year warranty on this product. Each set includes three (3) LED air vents, wiring, cables, and an RGB controller.

The manufacturer does not include installation instructions. Installation does require that this product's VENTS are trimmed to fit in your Stinger. If you're not familiar with wiring, splicing, etcetera, professional installation is recommended.

SPECIAL DEAL! We are looking for an installation video. If you can provide one that you create and that we can upload to our YouTube channel, we will refund the cost of this product in full. Contact us for details before purchasing.

You'll need the following for installation: Screwdriver, wire cutters, trim tool, dremmel, and super glue. The dremmel is used to shave part of the new air vents before placing them into the Stinger. You'll need to open the Stinger's dashboard to replace the vents with the new pieces. Wiring can be connected to a fuse or you can splice into the dashboard's ambient lighting. The super glue is to secure the new vents in place.

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