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Rigid Collars Kit For 2009-2014 Genesis Sedan


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UNIQ PERFORMANCE is proud to introduce their very own 10 Piece Rigid Collar Kit for the Hyundai GENESIS SEDAN Model which is made from lightweight Aircraft Aluminum material. Available in Anodized Blue or Red.

The basic principle is one of chassis strengthening and rigidity without going overboard and compromising the cars inherent handling characteristics. The Rigid Collar kit is simple to fit and low cost. Rigid Collars ease into position without affecting the basic geometry of the body.

The way Rigid Collars work is simple. Bolt holes through the chassis panel and sub frame are normally too big as they were designed for ease of production in the factory. When the car leaves the factory, everything is new and tight – and the chassis hardly moves. Over time, the bolts become loose and movement between the panels begins.

This is why an older vehicle fitted with new bushes, shocks and springs still doesn’t behave like a new car.

The Rigid Collar is an aluminum washer (as per photos) with a square outside taper to increase adhesion on the thinner flange portion in the middle. This fits between the moving panels and with a properly sized bolt (and bolt hole as part of the Rigid Collar) is crushed into place when tightened, joining the two panels and stopping movement forever.

Buyer review of improvements of his Genesis Sedan:

- Glides over any road imperfections
- Big pot holes do not transfer to the wheels / body.
- Cornering is much more stable with the new configuration.
- While testing hard breaking, ABS is far less intrusive.
- And here is the best part, with hard acceleration the ESC intrusion is almost none existent!

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